APG + Westwood brings you….

Austin Permaculture Guild is working with Westwood Natives Nursery to bring you a Cob Building Workshop!! We are hosting the renowned cob building extraordinaire, Uncle Mud. Our aim is to provide attendees with professional yet easy techniques that can be taken back to their land.

The Event

The event takes place February 24th to March 5th 2017. The location is on the Westwood property in Lockhart, Texas. The course will teach cob construction through mechanical and hands on techniques. Come and learn the basics of cob building including:
-Masonry foundation for cob walls
-Choosing quality materials
-Building and trimming cob walls, window, and door frames
-Making internal structures for faster building techniques

Press this link to find out details!

The Cob Builder, Uncle Mud


Uncle Mud teaches workshops on everything cob! He offers classes on building beautiful temples, rocket stoves, and off the grid homes. Check out his projects here.

The Property and the Owners

Westwood Natives is a regenerative based 10 acre property located in Lockhart,Texas. It was bought and developed by Colby and Marissa Stoker in 2013. You may recognize this piece of land as the land that hosted the Food Forest For All workshop the past few years with Mike Wolfert and Caroline Riley.

Colby Stoker, Founder of Westwood

With a background in agronomy (the application of science and technology to use plants for food, fiber, fuel, and land reclamation) Colby designed a regenerative landscape throughout his property. Both their extensive nursery and home are run completely off of rainwater.
He installed over 1500 feet of low maintenance irrigation systems called “berms and swales”. These systems direct rain flow to Westwood’s three ponds and 150 fruit trees around the property!

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