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So, WHAT IS PERMACULTURE? It stands for Permanent Agri(culture). It’s an ideology that can be used as a guide when making major sustainable improvements to all areas of our life including our homes, our communities, or our work situations.  This ideology offers human beings a way to harmonize with our environment, symbiotically. Permaculture in practice is the act of meeting our needs without trashing the planet or harming other people (or other species).

Many people first hear of permaculture in a gardening or farming context. But the terrain of permaculture extends far and wide, to include all other areas of human activity as well. Transportation, energy, building, manufacturing, business and finance, social organizations — you name it.

Something that Austin Permaculture Guild encourages is social permaculture. We believe that an important element of permaculture is being able to facilitate a space where people of color, marginalized communities, all genders and orientations feel empowered to restructure existing societal frameworks while regenerating ecosystems. 

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“Although the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.” — Bill Mollison (a founder of the permaculture design movement)