noun: charrette;
  1. an intense planning and design period to quickly generate a design solution.
This is a collaborative day for design, through permaculture and natural building architecture.


May 13, 2017

Pen to Paper (RSVP Required) 2-5 pm
Designer Showcase (Public Attendance) 5-6:30pm

Potluck and Party (Public Attendance) 6:30pm-Midnight


Pen to Paper

Design created by Clay, Sand, Straw

From 2-5pm experienced designers from both the professional natural building world and the permaculture design sphere come together to create a directly implementable design for the property the event is being held at and to network.

The project at hand is on a piece of property located on Old Bee Caves Rd, right down the way from Natural Gardener. The owner of the property, Jacqueline, has recently commissioned a strawbale and cob remodel of the existing home onsite, assisted by Kindra Welch and John Curry of Clay, Sand, Straw. Jacqueline hopes to develop the site as a living and gardening space for a small community of friends. She also plans to share the space with community through events, yoga retreats, and workshops like this one.


Designer Showcase!

House being built at Jacqueline’s property

The entire community is invited to see the work that the designers have worked to achieve from 5pm-midnight. These designs will be used to develop the property and improve the land and ecosystem. Once incoming folks have mingled and viewed all of the designs, the evening culminates in a celebration and potluck!

This is an incredible opportunity to connect with and directly rub elbows with local architects and designers in Central Texas. It’s also a good time to have some fun and break bread with like minded folks!

This workshop will be in partnership with Design Build Live and serves not only to provide the public with education on design and more understanding of the design process, but to link the community with experienced designers for hire.