Austin Permaculture Guild Internship Opportunities


Austin Permaculture Guild is looking for interns! We want this to be an equal exchange of energy, benefitting your integration and experience with the Austin permaculture community, while helping this community grow and thrive. This is an opportunity to help an awesome organization while creating connections with the permaculture/ eco community in Austin, polish your skillsets, and gain credentials for your resume!


We are looking for people that each fulfill the following skillsets.   


Intern Positions:


    • Event/ social organizer Coordinator


      • Description: This will be our most task intensive role yet most gratifying in knowledge.  We are growing Austin Permaculture Guild and we need a competent person to help us organize and host events as well help us develop opportunities for our larger network! We are looking for someone who is able to effectively collaborate with the directos, Taelor and Chloe, and do all of the on the ground tasks needed to throw our events, help coordinate our potlucks/ changemaker meetings, and stay connected to other organizations in our network.

    Examples of our events are the Annual Eco Fair (description here), the Gala (here), and the 6 weekend course.

      • Your Tasks Include:
        • Contacting organizations/ people for written articles for our newsletter and organizing
        • Staying in contact and keeping our other interns accountable
        • Setting up the venue for each event
        • Picking up and dropping off equipment as needed
        • Making Farm connections for food donations
        • Working with the Event Liaison to follow up on leads made at other events
        • Surveying new venues
        • Passing out flyers to coffee shops
        • Working with Lead event planners (Taelor or Chloe) as needed to learn the ins and outs of event planning and help facilitate future events
        • Organizing community events for members, alumni, and current students as well as permablitz
      • Room For Growth:
        • This position may eventually put the event coordinator as a lead event planner for APG related events
        • If the role is sustained for a period of 6-12 months we may ask the coordinator to pick up more responsibilities such as:
          • internal logistics of the event
          • Finding leads of sponsors or clients for APG
          • Encouraging membership via our marketing channels (events, social media, newsletters)
  • (2 needed) Videographer/ Photographer


      • Description: Experienced in videography and video editing to accompany APG to interviews, permaculture site tours, permablitz volunteer events, and other interesting permaculture events. Event footage will be edited by you along with guidance from our staff.
      • Skillsets desired:
        • Knowledge and (at least) minimal experience filming and taking still shots
        • Experience working with video editing software
        • You own a video camera and have editing software
      • Availability:
        • Five to ten hours a month
        • Flexibility to attend events with staff


  • (2 needed) Social media, Blogger,Newsletter editor, and/or Website Builder


      • Description: We are looking for someone who has experience with social media, blogging, and website building/ design. Have a creative demeanor, post content from other interns and staff, and generate your own content that is relevant to the Austin permaculture community. Most of this work can be done on your own time. We are looking for a person who works easily with others especially our APG staff members.


  • Skillsets desired:


        • Able to write and produce content easily
        • Able to use social media feeds as a way to promote an organization or event  (facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube,meetup, do512)
        • Enjoys writing blog articles, a plus
        • Able to navigate wordpress and squarespace and do minimal website maintenance, a plus
        • Graphic design skills are preferred
        • Ability to use mailchimp and publish newsletter emails


  • Availability:


      • 2-3 hours a week posting on your own time
      • Meet up with APG twice a month and/or bimonthly phone  calls



  • (1 person needed or more) Event Rep  


    • Description: This position requires a personable, charismatic person that is able to find events and spread awareness about our events. You must have a good idea of what permaculture is and be able to talk about our events with ease and excitement! Also if you like to go to coffee shops and other frequented places we would love if you could hang flyers on community boards.
    • Skillsets desired:
      • Minimal experience with marketing and sales
      • Able to speak about permaculture related topics with ease
      • You have your own transportation
      • Dependable and on time
      • Ability to research related seminars and events
    • Availability:
      • Ten to fifteen hours a month on your own time attending events, tabling, and passing out flyers
      • Meet up with APG twice a month  


Please email for inquiries.