Whole Life Learning Center Garden Party Fridays!

We are very excited to start garden party work days this Spring! For details about what is on the calendar go to www.oneworldpermaculture.com to check out our calendar. For questions please email mommacaroline@gmail.com

The Whole Life Learning Center is a private progressive school for children 5-13. It also doubles as a permaculture center for people of all ages. We are in our 4th year here and our space is maturing beautifully. We are striving to integrate and activate the permaculture center and look forward to building more community than ever out here! 
Some working parts of our permaculture system include 10k gallons of water catchment, a food forest area, polyculture edible gardens, a greenhouse, two goats, chickens, and holistic biodynamic soil building practices .

We will be getting our hands dirty every Friday here at the center starting from 11-3pm. You may come at anytime during the day to participate, but we will meet and greet at 11. 

Please bring a water bottle, lunch or snacks and wear weather appropriate clothing. Work here generally includes: tending garden beds, planting, maintaining animal systems, maintaining compost systems, and greenhouse/aquaponics work. Come on out to learn through hands on experience and leave with produce from the gardens and an egg or two!


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