Summer 2016 Intensive Permaculture Design Course


Our Summer 2016 Permaculture Design Course (PDC) starts May 28th and will earn its graduates a permaculture design course certificate allowing them to advertise themselves as permaculture designers. See the course schedule and other essential information below. If, after reading this page, you have any questions, contact the course registrar / web admin, Taelor Monroe at taelor AT austinperm DOT com

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Participants visiting Little Bluestem Farm Summer Intensive 2015

Our class starts May 28th and ends June 12th. It is a two-week intensive course that offers participants an opportunity for full immersion into the function of design, and a complete paradigm shift turning problems into solutions, eliminating waste and unnecessary work in your life, and enabling all of us to give back more to our planet than we take from it. There will be camping and food provided on site (included in the price of tuition).

Tuition has a sliding scale course cost of $900-$1300 with a non-refundable deposit of $200. You pay what you can anywhere in between that range. After you pay your deposit, the remaining $700-$1100 will be paid to Austin Permaculture Guild on the first day of class. The format of sliding scale tuition allows a wider range of individuals who may have limited means to participate in this class. But, if you have the ability pay the full amount, that is preferred.

Please click the link below to see more details about the course and submit your deposit to hold your spot!

This Permaculture Design Certificate is certified by the Permaculture Research Institute and signifies completion of the 72-hour curriculum set forth by Bill Mollison in “Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual.” This is not a vocational certificate. But the permaculture design skill-set is so practical, and so much needed in today’s world, that you can consider the course a kind of universal vocational training.

Course Dates: May 28th-June 12th ( will not allow us to set up an event that is long than two weeks! This course runs the dates listed above, not what is listed on the event page!)

This course includes classroom instruction, hands-on projects and activities (including your site design project), presentations by guest instructors, and hands-on workshops. For more details about the content, scroll down this page. We look forward to having you in our class!

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A student presenting her final design Summer ’15


The Summer 2016 Intensive Course will be held at the Commanche Way Farmstead, east of Austin in Dale, TX. This site is the home-base for Symbiosis Regenerative Systems, an organization started by Mike Wolfert, a fellow permaculture activist, teacher, and practitioner. Symbiosis is a permaculture design firm, creating living permaculture systems all over Texas and beyond. Their Commanche site is on 30 acres, houses a large pond, gardens, and fruit trees among other design elements. The space is very tranquil and relaxing, a perfect place to learn and absorb knowledge.

</a>Meals and camping will be provided throughout the course and are included in the price of your tuition. Camping is not required but is highly encouraged. There will be three wholesome homemade meals a day with options for vegan, vegetarian and gluten free. Every meal will be complete with fresh local produce, grains and sometimes an optional serving of locally sourced meat. Please help us achieve zero waste by bringing your own reusable cup, silverware, water bottle, etc. A more detailed list of what to bring will be provided upon course sign up.

<a href=””>Each day you arrive into the classroom, our schedule holds four 1.5hr sessions with a 30 minute break in between each session and a 1.5 hour lunch. We strive to be conscious of everyone’s needs during this immersive course. Breaks allow time for information to sink in and absorb. There is so much information given during these two weeks we are sensitive to and value your personal time throughout the duration.

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Garden berms at Little Bluestem Farm

The schedule also holds one day of rest and one off site visit to local permaculture farms in the area. The owners/managers of each farm, give a tour of the space and how each site uses permaculture in their over-all plan, history of the site, and how to volunteer. This will be the perfect opportunity to ask these farm leaders questions. Often they have produce available and plants for sale that they have propagated themselves.

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