Spring 2018 Permaculture Design Course

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6-Weekend Permaculture Design Course

During this permaculture design course participants will be introduced to the ethics, principles, and methods of sustainable design. You will learn how to design, create, and maintain agriculturally productive ecosystems and sustainable human settlements. View an Introduction to Permaculture video here.

The design course will be held at Texastopia Farm on the Blanco River just a few miles west of Blanco, Texas. This site offers a learning experience in one of the most beautiful Hill Country regions of Texas. It will be a memorable, paradigm-shifting experience.

Kirby Fry Permaculture Design Course InstructorThe primary instructor, Kirby Fry, has studied under both Bill Mollison and Allan Savory. Kirby graduated from Texas A & M University with a degree in Natural Resource Conservation, served in the US Peace Corps in Guatemala, and has been teaching about and creating sustainable design systems for over 25 years. Additional guest teachers to be announced.

This 6 weekends permaculture design course will cover, but is not limited to:

Introduction to permaculture design – ethics, principles, methods and function of design.
Patterns in nature. Patterns in design. Climate and how to mimic natural ecosystems.
Water management strategies.
Soil sciences. Soil conservation strategies – roads, dams, conservation terraces, key line plowing.
Culinary, medicinal, pollinator, and annual gardens.
Edible beneficial perennial gardens.
The built environment.
Small animal systems.
Intensive cell grazing systems. Holistic management.
Plant propagation. Wood lot management.
Invisible structures. Managing non-profit and for-profit corporations.
Design projects will be assigned to the class.

‘6 Weekends’ April-June 2018 Dates:
April 14 & 15-Weekend #1:Introduction to Permaculture design, Site Tour, Regrarians Platform, Patterns, Bio Regions of Texas.
April 28 & 29-Weekend #2 (FULL MOON):Patterns, Climate, Geography, Trees and their energy transactions, water and special guest teacher Jaime Braun talks about Regenerative Grazing.
May 5 & 6-Weekend #3: Special guest teach Gary Freeborg gives us an overview of soils and compost. Special guest teacher Adam Russell talks about biofertilizer, compost tea, and mineral amendments. Earthworks taught by host Pete Van Dyck.
May 19 & 20-Weekend #4: Special guest teachers Tina Lubomira Weldon and Orion Weldon speak about small scale animal systems. Special guest teacher Taelor Monroe teaches plant propagation. Kirby Fry teaches the about the built environment. Special Guest Woody Welch speaks about alternative energy.
June 2 & 3-Weekend #5: Permaculture design for zones 1,2,3 and 4. Special guest Katherine Ottmer speaks about Holistic Management.
June 16 & 17-Weekend #6: Non Profit Grants, Strategies for an alternative global nation. Special guest teacher Chloe Buzzotta talks about regenerative communities, talent show

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