Permaculture Design Course-Summer Intensive


Our class starts June 4th and ends June 18th, 2017.

It is a two-week intensive course that offers participants an opportunity for full immersion into the function of design, and a complete paradigm shift, allowing you to see problems as solutions, eliminating waste and unnecessary work in your life. This course enables all of us to give back more to our planet than we take from it. There will be camping and food provided on site (included in the price of tuition).

This Permaculture Design Certificate is certified by the Permaculture Research Institute and signifies completion of the 72-hour curriculum set forth by Bill Mollison in “Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual.” This is not a vocational certificate. But the permaculture design skill-set is so practical, and so much needed in today’s world, that you can consider the course a kind of universal vocational training.


June 4th – Day 1: Introductions, Site Tour, Permaculture History & Ethics

June 5th – Day 2: Permaculture Principles, Design Methods Intro

June 6th – Day 3: Methods of Design, Zones and Sectors, Patterns in Nature

June 7th – Day 4: Water on this Planet, Water Catchment Systems, Water in the Landscape, Aquaculture

June 8th – Day 5: Soil Basics, Advanced Soil, Soil Strategies

June 9th – Day 6: Climate, Micro-Climates, Urban Design Project

June 10th – Day 7: Farm Tour Day

June 11th – Day 8: DAY OFF

June 12th – Day 9: Urban Design Presentations, State of Local & and Global Food Market, Business & Finance

June 13th – Day 10: Trees & Forest Systems, Succession, Savannas, Tree Guilds, Animal Systems

June 14th – Day 11: Landscape Profiles, Earthworks

June 15th – Day 12: Urban Permaculture, Eco-villages & communities, Design Workshop 1

June 16th – Day 13: Appropriate Technology, Natural Building, Design Workshop 2

June 17th – Day 14: Design all Day!

June 18th – Day 15: Design Presentations, Graduation

This course includes classroom instruction, hands-on projects and activities (including your site design project), presentations by guest instructors, and hands-on workshops. For more details about the content, scroll down this page. We look forward to having you in our class!

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