Permaculture Design Course-Spring 2019


Austin, TX and the surrounding area is unique in that we are home to many mission driven organizations working to build sustainability and community. This course is designed to connect the participants with many local organizations with an array of missions. It is our hope that our students will finish the course with a toolbox of design techniques and strategies as well as connections with organizations and people who can help guide them towards new opportunities to learn, volunteer and work in various fields of interest related to sustainability.

This course includes classroom facilitation from Caroline Riley Carberry, Taelor Monroe and guest instructors. It features hands-on learning projects, including your final site design project. The final design project sites are chosen from student’s properties and are group design projects. When complete the property owner will come away with both a conceptual design as well as many detailed designs for areas of interest from each design participant in the group.

Weekend 1:

January 12- Day 1: Introduction to Permaculture, State of the World, Tour & Explore, Permaculture Ethics & Principles

January 13 – Day 2: Methods of Design, Patterns in Nature, Climate

Weekend 2:

February 23 – Day 3: Soil Biology and Science, Hands-on soil activity, With Daniel Reyes of MycoAlliance

February 24 – Day 4: Earthworks, Ponds, Keyline Design, & Hands-on activity With Mike Wolfert of Symbiosis Regenerative Systems

Weekend 3:

March 9 – Day 5: Climate Based Home Design, Natural Building Techniques and Hands-on cob building activity with Kindra Welch and John Curry of Clay, Sand, Straw

March 10 – Day 6: Zone I Gardens Strategies for each Climate, Garden Techniques and Strategies, Companion Planting, Propagation, Hands-on Propagation activity, Garden Design Activity Sustainable Food Center

Weekend 4:

April 6 – Day 7: Trees and their Energy Transactions, Perennial Forest Gardens, Medicinal plants for Central Texas, Forest Garden Hands-on design activity, and Chis Sanchez with Festival Beach Food Forest

April 7 – Day 8: Project Pitch Drafting and Design Workshop, Urban Design Activity, and Kendra Bones with City of Austin Zero Waste Initiative

Weekend 5:

May 4 – Day 9 : Holistic Management, Sylvo-Pasture, Wild Spaces, Design Activity, and Leah Gibson of Boxcar Farm and Garden

May 5 – Day 10 : Zone Zero, Invisible Structures, Appropriate Technology, Community with Chloe Buzzotta of the Global Eco-Village Network, Hands-on design time for final design projects

Weekend 6:

June 8 – Day 11: Design Presentation Breakdown, Potluck Lunch, Skill Share (not optional!)

June 9 – Day 12: Final Design Project Presentations, Graduation & Design Certificates

The Spring 2019 Course will be will be held at the Whole Life Learning Center (WLLC), a living example of permaculture design. Over the past 6 years this site has been completely transformed! WLLC has on site a 5 year old food forest, pond, ducks, chickens, goats, a 10,000 gallon rain water catchment system, greenhouse, grey water system, 2 yurts, schoolhouse, and a geodesic dome classroom.

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