Permaculture Design Certificate Course-Fall 2019!

FALL ‘6 WEEKENDS’ 2019 PERMACULTURE DESIGN CERTIFICATE COURSE The Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) signifies completion of the 72-hour curriculum set forth by Bill Mollison in ‘Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual.’ This course is an in depth introduction to every topic listed in the schedule. Graduates can use this course as their jumping off point to begin teaching permaculture modules, creating a portfolio of permaculture designs, and establishing a permaculture consulting practice. It is a life and world-view altering event – living more kindly on their land, creating & caring for their community, conserving & renewing precious resources, respecting all beings, and designing & cultivating sustainable human settlements that work with and use Nature as the grand designer.Austin,TX and the surrounding area is unique in that we are home to many mission driven organizations working to build sustainability and community.

This course is designed to connect the participants with many local organizations with an array of missions. Students will finish this course with a toolbox of design techniques and strategies as well as connections with organizations and people who can help guide them towards new opportunities to learn, volunteer and work in various fields of interest related to sustainability.

Weekend 1:
September 28 – Day 1: Introduction to Permaculture, Permaculture Ethics & Principles, Tour Whole Life Learning Center- Permaculture in Action
September 29 – Day 2: Methods of Design, Patterns in Nature

Weekend 2:
October 19 – Day 3: Climate, Soil Biology and Science with Taelor Monroe of APG
October 20 – Day 4: Earthworks, Ponds, Keyline Design, & Hands-on activity With Michael Wolfert of Symbiosis Regenerative Systems & Mycology

Weekend 3:

November 9 – Day 5: Climate Based Home Design, Natural Building Techniques and Hands-on cob building activity with Kindra Welch and John Curry of Clay Sand Straw
November 10 – Day 6: Zone I Garden Techniques and Strategies, Companion Planting, Sustainable Food Center, Field Trip: SubUrban homestead tour and tree walk at Caroline’s house

Weekend 4:
December 7 – Day 7: Design Project Workshop
December 8 – Day 8: Trees, Perennial Forest Gardens, Medicinal plants for Central Texas, Forest Garden design activity, Cristóbal Sanchez with Festival Beach Food Forest

Weekend 5:
January 11 – Day 9 : Holistic Management and Animals in design activity, propagation
January 12 – Day 10 : Community with Chloe Grace Buzzotta of the Global Ecovillage Network & APG, Invisible Structures, Community and Food Security with Taelor Monroe of APG

Weekend 6:
February 1 – Day 11: Design Workshop, Zone 0
February 2 – Day 12: Final Design Project Presentations, Graduation & Design Certificates and Celebration

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