The Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) signifies completion of the 72-hour curriculum set forth by Bill Mollison in ‘Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual.’ This design course is equal to the courses taught domestically and globally as the basis for advanced training for permaculture internships & apprenticeships. Graduates can also use this course as their jumping off point to begin teaching permaculture modules, creating a portfolio of permaculture designs, and establishing a permaculture consulting practice. It is a life and world-view altering event for most students – living more kindly on their land, creating & caring for their community, conserving & renewing precious resources, respecting all beings, and designing & living in sustainable human settlements that work with and use Nature as the grand designer.


This course includes classroom instruction from lead instructors Caroline Riley and Taelor Monroe. It features hands-on projects (including your final site design project), presentations by guest instructors, and field trips. Final design projects are chosen for real live properties presented by the students of the course. Do you have land that you need to figure out the best way to manage it?

For more details about the content and schedule, scroll down this page. We look forward to having you in our class!

</a> Students relaxing by the pond at the Whole Life Learning Center. Photo Credit: Scott David Gordon

Weekend 1:

November 11 – Day 1: Introduction to Permaculture, State of the World, Tour & Explore, Permaculture Ethics & Principles

November 12 – Day 2: Methods of Design, Patterns in Nature, Climate

Weekend 2:

December 9 – Day 3: Trees and their Energy Transactions, Soil Biology and Science, Hands-on soil activity, Guest Speaker Daniel Reyes of <a href=”http://www.mycoalliance.com/”>MycoAlliance

December 10 – Day 4: Earthworks, Ponds, Keyline Design, & Hands-on activity with Theron Beaudreau of Integrated Acres

Weekend 3:

January 13 – Day 5: Climate Based Home Design, Natural Building Techniques and Hands-on cob building activity with Kindra Welch and John Curry of Clay, Sand, Straw

January 14 – Day 6: Zone I Gardens Strategies for each Climate, Plant Families, Garden Techniques and Strategies, Companion Planting, Propagation, Hands-on Propagation activity, Garden Design Activity

Weekend 4:

February 10 – Day 7: Perennial Forest Gardens by Climate, Medicinal Forest Gardening, Forest Garden Hands-on planting and design activity

February 11 – Day 8: Drafting and Design Workshop, Urban Design Activity

Weekend 5:

March 10 – Day 9 : Holistic Management, Sylvo-Pasture, Wild Spaces, Design Activity

March 11 – Day 10 : Zone Zero, Invisible Structures, Appropriate Technology, Community, Hands-on design time for final design projects

Weekend 6:

April 7 – Day 11: Design Presentation Breakdown, Potluck Lunch, Skill Share (not optional!)

April 8 – Day 12: Final Design Project Presentations, Graduation & Design Certificates


Our Fall 2017 Permaculture Design Certificate Course is currently open for registration. It is a ‘6 Weekends’ format course, spread out over the course of 6 months-1 weekend per month. This format is preferred by many people because it can fit snugly into a busy schedule. We provide a sliding scale tuition format, to make this course more accessible to a wider audience. You choose the highest amount within the range provided that works with your budget.

Tuition is set as sliding scale, with the tuition ranging from $600-$1,000. A $200 deposit is required to hold your seat in the course. The remaining tuition will be due the first day of class. This course is open for registration.

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