Schedule for Current Students and Make-ups ONLY

(Not open for registration)

Weekend 1:

September 15- Day 1: Introduction to Permaculture, State of the World, Tour & Explore, Permaculture Ethics & Principles

September 16 – Day 2: Methods of Design, Patterns in Nature, Climate

Weekend 2:

October 13 – Day 3: Soil Biology and Science, Hands-on soil activity

October 14 – Day 4: Earthworks, Ponds, Keyline Design, & Hands-on activity With Mike Wolfert of Symbiosis Regenerative Systems

Weekend 3:

November 17 – Day 5:  Climate Based Home Design, Natural Building Techniques and Hands-on cob building activity with Kindra Welch and John Curry of Clay, Sand, Straw

November 18 – Day 6: Zone I Gardens Strategies for each Climate, Garden Techniques and Strategies, Companion Planting, Propagation, Hands-on Propagation activity, Garden Design Activity Sustainable Food Center

Weekend 4:

December 8 – Day 7: Project Pitch Drafting and Design Workshop, Urban Design Activity

December 9 – Day 8: Trees and their Energy Transactions, Perennial Forest Gardens, Medicinal plants for Central Texas, Forest Garden Hands-on design activity,  Mycology 101 with Daniel Reyes of MycoAlliance

Weekend 5:

January 26 – Day 9 : Holistic Management, Sylvo-Pasture, Wild Spaces, Design Activity, and Leah Gibson of Boxcar Farm and Garden

January 27 – Day 10 : Zone Zero, Invisible Structures, Appropriate Technology, Community with Chloe Buzzotta of the Global Eco-Village Network, Chis Sanchez with Festival Beach Food Forest, Hands-on design time for final design projects

Weekend 6:

February 9 – Day 11: Design Presentation Breakdown, Potluck Lunch, Skill Share (not optional!)

February 10 – Day 12: Final Design Project Presentations, Graduation & Design Certificates