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Host a Permiblitz!

Ever have big dreams for your yard but not enough time to put the work in? Get your friends to help you! Hosting a permiblitz can get a lot of good hard work done quickly while building friendships with others who share a love for nature! A couple of weeks ago, a friend from my Perm aculture Design Course hosted a permiblitz to implement the design he developed during the course.


Hank’s design had a series of raised beds in his front yard then a fruit orchard of peach, fig and almond trees in the very front along the street. He wanted to promote permaculture principles by showcasing his front yard out to the community and neighbors to encourage others to use their yards as well. When the fruit trees begin to fruit, he will advertise them as free to any neighbors passing by dreaming that neighbors will walk by and pick a peach, stop for some conversation and leave with inspiration to explore gardening on their front yard. It can be difficult to dive into projects like this but with encouragement from neighbors and help from friends, Hank is hoping his front yard will inspire others.


That morning with some coffee and donuts to fuel us, we arranged a tall curved raised bed out of large stone slabs then filled it and another raised bed in the backyard with soil. Now those beds are ready for some new plants! After eating a delicious lunch of mashed potatoes, chicken, ribs and green beers (with beer and wine!) we went back out and planted 15 trees for the fruit orchard. By rallying his community, Hank’s yard transformed in hours into a sustainable design that the whole neighborhood will benefit from for years to come.


Host your own permiblitz & get that passion project done!

Come hangout! Use our Calendar!

So much is happening around the Austin area and we know you are interested! Use our calendar to find the perfect event for you. Want to learn how to grow mushrooms? Or get a rebate for starting a chicken coop in your backyard? Or maybe even join us at our monthly potlucks to pig out over some vegan meatloaf?

Whether it be a permablitz or an Eco-village talk, we track these events for you to attend!

Check it out here!


Permaculture Design Certificate Courses

Looking for a way to live more sustainably? To connect to Nature in meaningful, kind, intelligent, and practical ways? Look no further than Permaculture Design Certificate Courses!

The Permaculture Design Certificate or PDC is awarded upon completion of the 72-hour curriculum in Bill Mollison’s ‘Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual.” This curriculum, which is taught domestically and globally, provides students with the foundations of permaculture principles and practices. Upon graduation, students can continue to practice permaculture by teaching permaculture courses, building up permaculture design portfolio, or starting a home project with your new skills and knowledge.


Typically, the PDC will overview all the major systems of permaculture including: ethics and principles of permaculture, patterns in design, water management systems, soil sciences, small animal system and plant propagation. But every individual course will have its own class structure curated to the instructor’s expertise and what the site has to offer for hands-on activities. Students are guaranteed to leave their PDC with not only a Certificate but also a wealth of permaculture knowledge to work with and a unique memorable experience.


These pictures peek into the current PDC the “6 Weekends” which meets blank at the Whole Life Learning Center in Austin, taught by instructors and lead permaculturists Taelor Monroe and Caroline Riley. This past class students got to learn about rainwater collection systems and how to start their own home collection systems. Students also had an exciting opportunity to build a cob bench with specialist Kindra Welch and John Curry of Clay, Sand, Straw.  The six weekends classes are so rewarding because of their ability to build community while incorporating important skills and knowledge into your daily routine.

PDCs open up your life to so many opportunities as I learned at my own PDC in the summer of 2017. During my course, I was able to get a sense of how I want to interact with the people, places and ideas surrounding my passions and channel it into my potential career.

Check out our next PDC for details:

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