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Austin Permaculture Guild is an educational, networking platform that supports the growth of the permaculture movement in Austin, Texas.

Are you looking for your tribe? Do you want to live in harmony with the cadences of nature? Are you looking for real applicable strategies for a sustainable lifestyle? Sign-up for our Permaculture Design Course! It is the corner-stone of our work here at Austin Permaculture Guild. We will not be having a spring course this year, and will be posting dates for the Fall 2020 design course before the end of January.

Are you interested in becoming a part of the Guild? We need our community to help us sustain and regenerate our organization. We have many potential ways for you to get involved. This is a chance for you to become more ingrained in the permaculture community, give back to a cause all about sustainability and thrivability, and receive awesome recommendations on your resume!
Below are some of the positions we need filled:
(1 person) >Event/ social organizer Coordinator<
(Need 2 individuals) >Videographer/ Photographer<
(2 individuals) >Social media, Blogger, and/or Website Builder<
(1 person or more) >Event Rep<

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Austin Permaculture Guild is an organization that serves the greater central Texas community by connecting people to courses, events, resources, and professionals made accessible to everyone.



We see Austin Permaculture Guild as the platform that propels a thriving ecosystem of interconnected organizations and people creating a societally and environmentally just region.

APG aims to: 

  • Create a platform that inspires, educates, and connects people and businesses motivated by sustainability
  • Give people the necessary tools to become resilient and self-reliant on their land and in their community through education courses
  • Make permaculture education accessible for everyone regardless of race, gender, or orientation
  • Incorporate the principles and ethics of permaculture into ecological landscapes, economics (such as business models), and social structures (communities, schools, families).


  • Permaculture Design Course Trainings
  • Teacher Trainings
  • Permaculture Potlucks and gatherings
  • Networking and connecting the eco-community of Austin, TX
  • Attending large events to provide a permaculture presence
    • Tabling at the Rising Appalachia Concert
  • Hosting annual events like the Eco Fair at HOPE Farmer’s Market
  • Check out our google calendar to stay updated on eco happenings of Austin, Tx

Here is what our Students are sayinng about our Permaculture Design Course:

“This course change my life from a very deep place in my soul. It gave me the courage to believe in the Earth’s future and my ability to help.”

– Tabitha Tatterbach

“I am inspired to steward the Earth more than ever. Even though I have been organic gardening and bio-dynamic gardening for years, I have never felt closer to Mother Nature.”

– Victoria Schwartz

“This class equipped me with the confidence to utilize the knowledge and realize I already have a great knowledge base and can do what I’ve set out to do! I’m ready to get busy! It has also made me realize that I have a passion for teaching!”

– Eric Huggins

Meet our staff here